Washington D.C.

We had heard that Eastern Market has a great breakfast so we went and picked my parents up and took a taxi to go see for ourselves. We got to the market and found that the line for breakfast was literally out the door. Must be a damn good breakfast for people to wait in that long of a line to get something to eat. Rather than waiting in line, we opted out of eating at the market and decided to walk around and look at all the stuff that vendors had to offer instead. Stalls full of pastries, pasta, cheeses, meats, seafood and flowers were all lined up against the wall for people to walk past and pick out their purchases.

 Homemade Chocolate Ravioli
 Fresh Produce

 Puffer Fish For Sale In The Fish Market
Flowers at Eastern Market
Walking around for a bit made us hungry and we ended up stopping in at a restaurant called Tunnicliff’s and having brunch. While we didn’t eat breakfast at the Eastern Market as we had intended to, everyone really enjoyed their breakfasts of eggs benedict, eggs florentine and homemade breakfast potatoes. Not a bad way to start off the day.
After M.E. and my mom bought some cheeses to eat for a snack, my dad was ready to head to the Capital. It was a nice walk in the neighborhoods from Eastern Market to the Capital and soon enough, we were walking past the Library of Congress.

As we were walking past the Library of Congress, we passed Neptune’s Fountain. M.E. was under the impression that we needed to throw a penny into the fountain to continue having good luck on our sailing voyage. So we spent about 10 minutes digging around in pockets trying to find a penny to throw in before we were able to leave in the good graces of Neptune.

Pennies for Neptune
We made it to the Capital just in time to get my parents on a tour while we waited outside in the shade for them. While we were waiting, M.E. started to worry that the cheeses from Eastern Market were starting to melt. She decided to take the cheese back to my parent’s hotel while I waited for them to get done with their tour. We decided to meet at the National Gallery of Art. Along the way, M.E. found some interesting things to see. 
Street Graffiti

 Chinese Meditation
Amish Meets City Style
My parents and I met M.E. at the National Gallery of Art, where we saw famous paintings and cool photography exhibits. This museum is huge and by this point in time, we were starting to get tired so we decided to move on to our last stop of the day, the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum

The National Gallery of Art

As we walking to the Natural History Museum, we ran into my old roommate, Ryan (aka Couch). It’s amazing how small the world really is. We caught up for a while and then headed on to the museum to finish touring for the day. 
Matt and Couch, Old Roommates Reunited

We had already done a lot of the Natural History Museum previously but we skipped the dinosaur section so that we could see it with my parents. It was cool seeing all the fossils and my mom got a ton of pictures to show my nephews. 
Dinosaur Fossils

Lab assistant separating bones into categories.
After a long day of walking, we were ready to eat! The consensus was Italian for dinner. We headed to Bistro Italiano and had a great meal. The veal, seafood and pasta that we ordered were great and by the time we left we were ready to fall asleep in the taxi on the way back to the boat! 
Seafood Pasta at Bistro Italiano

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