Washington D.C.

My parents met us at the docks for an early pickup this morning before heading out to Great Falls and then Dulles Air Museum.  We took them for a quick walk through the seafood market here which is absolutely incredible.  Every fish under the sun is here in this market.  It’s always fun to just walk around and see all the incredible seafood.

Incredible Seafood
Octopus and Squid! Sweet! Let’s start cooking!

Crates Full of Blue Crab

Another chance to leave the city! As nice as it is to go to free museums, we love being out in nature. Nothing beats fresh air, green trees and animals roaming around in the woods. We arrived at Great Falls National Park early to beat the crowds for the day. 
Me, Mom and M.E.

Great Falls Park
Me, Mom and Dad
After a few hours of cruising the trails along the Potomac we made our way to Dulles Air & Space Museum. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time now as they have the Discovery, an original SR-71, the Enola Gay, Concorde and plenty of other full size planes and helicopters to check out.  We were taking back roads through the countryside on our way to the museum when M.E. spotted her favorite animal. Two baby deer and their momma on the side of the road directly in front of someone’s home.  We pulled over and watched them snack for a while and M.E. sat in excitement and took plenty of pictures.

 Dulles Air and Space Museum

 The Assembly Room

 The Discovery


 Fighter Plane

My mom and dad were kind enough to take us to our favorite store, Walmart, to do some shopping.  Since we had a truck we took full advantage of loading a cart up to the brim and also filling all our diesel and gas jugs for the deck. We did a quick unload of all the groceries and fuel back at the boat before heading to Chinatown for dinner.  Full Kee was the restaurant of choice once again.  We had plenty of great apps and entrees as we spent a couple of hours savoring all the delicious dishes they serve.  Some Dove ice cream bars and Olympics back at my parent’s hotel room and it was time to call it a night.

The Gate To Chinatown


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