M.E.’s View Of The Day

Matt and Kokoi left just a little after sunrise this morning and I have to say I was really sad to see them go without me. It won’t be long though until we are reunited and I can’t wait to see them both already! In the meantime, we’ll both be updating on what we are up to! I’m staying in D.C. with a friend until I fly out to Florida to spend a week with my family while they are on vacation. Due to the leak on our boat, it was imperative that Matt go ahead and get to Deltaville and get the boat looked at and repaired. We’re hoping that everything runs smoothly, so we can meet back up next Monday in Annapolis. 
Matt and Kokoi leaving the anchorage in D.C.
Today, I had the lovely privilege of playing tour guide/translator for Rob’s Parisian couch surfing guests, Yannick and Chris. Fortunately, Chris and Yannick both speak exceptional English and I speak some French from my high school days and trips to France so we were able to communicate easily and had a great time sightseeing around D.C. 
Chris et Le colline du Capital (Chris and Capital Hill)
Le Geant de la Maison (The Giant’s House) aka The National Archives

Attaque de l’ours (Attack of the Bear)

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