Washington D.C.

Matt and I worked on getting the boat ready to head to Deltaville. We filled the water tanks, put diesel in the fuel tanks, emptied a little more water out of the bilge and stowed away everything that had been laying out. I spent some time packing for my visit to see my family on vacation in Florida while Matt worked on budget numbers for the month of July.

He took a break from the computer for a little bit and stepped outside while I continued my packing. Suddenly, he starts freaking out and yelling for me to get the camera. I run over to the couch and pass the camera up through a hatch and head up towards the cockpit to see what he was so excited about. A stealth bomber was flying past us! 
I had never seen/heard of a stealth bomber until that moment. Of course Matt knew everything about it and was able to give me a synopsis on it in about 10 seconds. It’s very cool to see but it’s also kind of strange to see it flying in the sky because it kind of looks like some sort of spaceship.

 Stealth Bomber

After getting some chores done, we dinghied in to the yacht club to relax in the A/C for a bit and ended up making plans with our friend, Rob, to have “family dinner” and make pizzas on his boat. Rob was having some couch surfers from Paris come and stay on his boat, so we thought this would be a great way to make them feel at home. Dinner was set for 7:30 but happy hour kicked in and we didn’t get the pizza in the oven until midnight. Rob made homemade dough and I was in charge of putting the pizza altogether. Imported mozzarella, basil that we had picked in the gardens at St. Mary’s, pesto, goat cheese, olives…this pizza was epic! By about 12:30, we were all sitting in Rob’s cockpit eating amazing homemade pizza and sharing stories till Matt and I called it a night and prepared ourselves for an early morning. – M.E.
 Homemade Pizza

Chris and Yannick excited about pizza for dinner!

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