Colonial Beach, VA

I dropped M.E. off around 7:30 this morning at our friend Rob’s boat then headed back to KoKoi to leave.  I have finally gotten the leaking on the shaft to a minimum and things are going smoothly.  The anchor was up by 8:00 and I threw myself and my hangover in the cockpit for the long ride ahead.  Courtesy of Rob last night we had pizza and beers with him and two couch surfers from Paris.  It was a great time, but a really late night.

Goodbye DC
Generals Homes

Washington Reagan, just because I love to fly!

 I was finally out of the Washington Channel and making way down the Potomac.  I had the autopilot set and napping in the cockpit when I heard some loud blast.  The ferries in the area blow their horns when leaving or entering the dock here.  It blew a few more times and I kept ignoring it until the captain laid on the button.  Why is this guy getting all crazy on his horn?  I get up and turn around to see a barge bearing down on me from behind.  Scramble to get the radio on and talk to the captain.  He passes and I laid back down to nap.

The trip was pretty uneventful which is the way I usually like it.  I did 7 knots most of the day until I was about 19 miles from Colonial Beach.  Hit the current and began to crawl at only 4 knots.  The wind picked up and the waves grew.  I slammed my way for the  next 4.5 hours into the wind and waves.

 Throughout the day I bailed the bilge where the drive shaft is located.  In the past 24 hrs I have bailed about 5 gallons of water so I have definitely slowed the  leak by packing it with grease. I made it to Colonial Beach dropped the hook and passed out for the evening.

Welcoming Committee Colonial Beach

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