St. Mary’s College, MD

Let the partying begin!  As I crawled out of the boat this morning there were probably already 100 boats in the anchorage and rafted to the docks of the college. You could see people passed out everywhere from decks, docks, chairs and all over the side of the hill next to the sail center. There was only one water taxi running so the radio and air horns were going off like crazy throughout the anchorage. I picked up 6 other sailors off boats on the way in with the dinghy. That was quite the entertaining ride since we only had about 3 inches of tube left off the water.

Once into shore I mingled with the crowd and began to meet tons of great people from the Annapolis and Baltimore areas. It was beginning to bustle under the tent as the band kicked in and I picked out a nice, shady spot under some trees to lay around and relax for a while. After a few hours of relaxing and listening to some jams, I headed back out to Kokoi to have lunch. The line was so long for the water taxi once again that I ended up taking 5 people back out to their boats.

After a quick nap and some lunch, I got back up and was heading into shore when I noticed my neighbors were having some trouble. A Beneteau 43 had dragged directly on top of them. The transom couldn’t have been more than 2 feet off their bow. I ran into them once back at the docks and took them out to their boat to give them a hand moving the boats and getting them anchored.

One of the guys on their crew, Ted, and I became quick friends.  He and I ended up talking fishing, sailing and drinking beers until late into the evening. All the partying and  people were great and St. Mary’s actually came to life while I was there. Back at the  boat I bailed the engine room and packed the dripless shaft with some more grease before calling it a night.

 Still didn’t find the charger.  This was the only picture the camera would let me get before it died again. Hopefully better luck tomorrow!

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