M.E.’s View Of The Day

It’s been a busy day! Woke up early to walk to Union Station so I could catch the Metro to the airport. I was pleasantly surprised with myself for navigating my way perfectly to the airport without any hitches. It’s always nice when you’re planning and timing work out perfectly. 
My good luck didn’t stop there. Once I got to the airport, my flight was overbooked so I volunteered to give up my seat for a flight voucher and they ended up bumping me to first class too! You know what that means? Bloody Mary’s for breakfast! I took full advantage of my situation, finished reading my book and listened to one of my favorite mashups, “Wonderback” by Cookin’ Soul and Don Cannon as I felt it was appropriate for the occasion. 
Bloody Mary’s In First Class…Yes, I Drank It All

I landed in Orlando and was greeted by my parents and my cousin/best friend at the gate. We drove back to St. Augustine and hung out for a bit at my aunt and uncle’s house before we all headed to dinner. After dinner, we all stopped in at my cousin’s gourmet popsicle shop and cafe, The Hyppo Cafe. I had fun seeing all the changes he had made to the cafe since I had left.

 The Hyppo Cafe

Centerpieces at The Hyppo Cafe
 The Hyppo Cafe

Old Florida Art on the Walls
We left The Hyppo Cafe and headed out to the beach to settle into my aunt and uncle’s condo for the week. It’s weird to be back in St. Augustine now that we don’t officially live here anymore. I love being back here but my heart is really with Matt and Kokoi.
Now it’s time for some sleep. We have a big beach day tomorrow! 

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