Deltaville, VA

This morning when I woke up, the conditions were awesome for heading to Deltaville. A perfect breeze out of the West carried Kokoi and I from the Reedville Channel into the Deltaville Channel. Yesterday all hell broke loose on the boat as I pounded around the point from the Potomac and into the Chesapeake Bay.  Today was one of those dream days of sailing that we see few and far between.

Totally Different from Yesterday
Deltaville and the approaching storm

I arrived early and pulled up to the fuel dock to get diesel, fill the water tanks and talk to the yard supervisor about the haul. We set a time for tomorrow at 7 a.m. to be hauled. I headed out to the anchorage directly off their docks and dropped the hook for the evening.


As I was sitting in the cockpit eating, I overheard voices in the pavilion having a good time and as everyone knows I am not one to pass up drinking beer and telling stories so I headed into the dinghy dock. There was a couple from Switzerland who had just sailed in and another guy named John who was on the hard doing a refit. John and I sat there until the late hours of the night talking about his life of travels and sailing.

He has quite the incredible story. He cruised for years until arthritis in both of his hips put him in a wheelchair.  He didn’t stop there though. He put his boat on the hard, bought an RV and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada. After a few years of traveling in the RV he found a doctor who would do both hip replacements for him. It’s been a year now and he is once again walking and actually living on his Bristol 40 in the yard. The RV is currently for sale and he is outfitting the boat once again to head down to the Bahamas this fall.  I find it so awesome that he is able to get back out on his boat and conquer more of his dream.

On another note, tonight is the first time I have set an alarm since I quit working.  Incredible!


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