Deltaville Boatyard, VA

Since I have been letting everyone down on the photos lately and finally found the charger here you go.  KoKoi was hauled at 7:15 this morning and we were back in the water and running at 4:30 this afternoon.  Thanks to Deltaville Boatyard and Mack ( gave me a hand getting the coupler free and put back together) for getting us in and out so quick and also for all the hospitality while we were there.  Everyone was really laid back (hence the tie dyed t’s everyone wore) and the quality of work and  knowledge was outstanding.  When KoKoi got hauled she got a quick bottom bath and then to the stands she went.  The parts came in right on time and it only took about an hour or so to get everything changed out and put back together.  If your ever in the area of Deltaville or the Chesapeake in general and  need some work done check out  With no further a do a day in photos!


That’s a tight squeeze

Out with the old and in with the New

Coupler broken free from shaft

Headed back to the water

Fresh Splash!

 A few shots from around the yard and their facilities.  Pretty cool little stop with everything you could want nearby.


Sunset on the hard

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