Solomons Island, MD

So far so good on the shaft fix. We are no longer leaking and I am no longer bailing. Light winds out of the South all day ensured an uneventful ride to Solomons Island. There was absolutely no excitement today which was in my favor after the past couple of days on the water. I pointed the boat North, set the autopilot and cruised for about 9 hours until I needed to do a course change into Solomons Island.

I love calm days at sea but prefer to be sailing them instead of motor sailing them. Any old salt will admit that cruising is really owning a sailboat that motors. I would be lying if I told you I sailed more than 5% of the time out here, haha…(I will work on these percentages slowly but surely).

I was able to get up close and personal with some fighter jets doing live target practice today which was pretty intense. Other than that I just chilled and did chores.

 Fighter Jet

It was flat and we were going downwind with the jib which means time to get boat chores done.  I checked all the rigging, backing plates, arch, davits, etc. For the most part I checked everything outdoors. Luckily I did because both stop pins for the top lifelines on each side of the boat were missing?! Not good. So those got replaced. I took the time to fill about fifty 5 gallon buckets of water to scrub all the metal and decks down really well.  Once all of my topside chores were complete, I began to conquer the engine room.

I soaked up the small amount of diesel/oils and saltwater. Then I cleaned all contacted metal objects with fresh water, dried them and then oiled the metal lightly. Now for the big project of the day…dishes. Knocked all those out, oiled the wood, took out the trash and called it a good day. I found a great anchorage in Solomons and called it home for a few days.

 Kokoi at anchor in Solomons Island.

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