Solomons Island, MD

The weather started off cool and I was finally able to sleep in a few extra hours this morning. After all that motivation yesterday to get so many things done around the boat I set up the office in the cockpit and got to work all day with no interruptions.

I got all of my bookwork done and accounts balanced up. Paid a few bills that my mom was kind enough to send me. Then began the long tedious process of calling all the people that overcharged my accounts for items that were cancelled months ago. It amazes me that I cancel subscriptions to different business products and the companies continue to charge me as if I don’t check my credit card statements.  Makes me wonder how much money they make off services that people never receive?

The Office

View out of my office window…The Maritime Museum

Crazy Coworkers

After a day full of fun on the phone I took the time to cruise around town, grab a burger and do a little shopping for some groceries.  Two huge days of accomplishments around the boat. What in the world is going on here and where did all this motivation come from?! Hope it goes away soon…too much work for me!  About time to go hit the bar up for a few rounds of beers, listen to stories and then call it a night.

Another chill day on the water. Loving it!

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