Solomons Island, MD

This morning I was supposed to head over to Kent Narrows to meet up with a our friend Kyle’s friends and family.  Kyle grew up in the Narrows and had a full blown welcoming committee in place at the local bar, The Jetty…but I never made it there.

This is Solomons

The weather rolled in hard early this morning and didn’t let up until around noon today. I wasn’t about to crawl out of my cool bed, pull anchor and sail North 57 miles in the pouring down rain for fun. I mean come on, I am a fair weather cruiser/sailor at best. The rain finally broke free and I walked around Solomons for a couple of hours to get off the boat.

I hit up the post office, gas station and other random stores around town, then headed back to the boat for snacks.  I sometimes wonder if I am really over 5 years old. I mean, I sleep till noon, walk around to a few places, eat snacks, then lay around and chill listening to Pandora for the rest of the evening. Sounds like what my nephews do except they are more active than that and they are three & five years old.


One thought on “Solomons Island, MD

  1. It is a smart thing to not go racing out into the Chesapeake when there is a Thunderstorm. Faair wether sailor or not it is a prudent thing to do if you don't want your ass handed to you!! Love Cheri and Dan


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