Kent Narrows, MD

Cool morning, solid breeze out of the Southwest and we are cruising along at 6.5 knots with a following sea.  Surfing down little waves once in a while and loving the day.  It couldn’t have gotten any better throughout the day.  I trolled some lures for half the day trying to catch Rockfish with no luck. The rest of the time was spent cleaning the fridge and oiling more interior wood on the boat as we rolled our way North.

The anchor was set in a nice shallow bay and everything couldn’t have gone more perfect.  Wow, I sometimes ask myself how I luck out with such incredible days? I dropped the dinghy in the water and headed over to The Jetty Bar for drinks and to meet up with people for the night.

I was just out of sight of the boat as the wind gently began to pick up.  I checked the weather radar before I left and everything was broken up and way South of me headed directly East so no worries there. Just as I pulled into The Jetty Bar the wind came up fast and over the horizon came a black sky. The waves picked up from 1 ft. to 4 ft. within a minute and were clearing the dock and seawall completely. The Jetties chairs and tables began to blow into the water and all hell broke loose. I had no way to get back to KoKoi and the dinghy was on the verge of flipping or ripping apart anytime.

The wind held solid over 30 mph for about 3 hours.  I couldn’t do anything now but try and save the dinghy from getting under the dock and drink draft beers one after another out of nervousness.  As the weather broke slightly, I was able to get a ride down the road a couple of miles and I couldn’t believe it that KoKoi was still there in the same spot I left her. After about 2 more hours the waves stopped white capping/foaming and I was finally able to get back out to the boat with the dinghy.  I checked the anchor, dropped some more chain and hoped it didn’t get worst throughout the night as I passed out in the cockpit.


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