Annapolis, MD

One of Kyle’s good friends called me this morning to see if I wanted to make the sail from Kent Narrows to Annapolis. After last night I was absolutely ready to pull anchor and go for a sail. I got up and began to clean up the boat and get ready for Jacob and Cassandra to come over and head out for a nice short day of sailing.

I forgot to mention that last night in the midst of almost losing the dinghy and trying to get off the dock, I lost my new pair of Costa sunglasses. It’s fair to say that I am not very happy about that to say the least. I am pleased that  the dinghy is still floating though so I guess things could be worse.

Jacob and Cassandra were coming to the seawall where I was going to pick them up with the dinghy and then head back out to the boat. In the meantime I took about an hour and dove the marina all around where my sunglasses had gone overboard. The patrons that were there for Sunday brunch gave me some very interesting looks. Unfortunately, my Costas were gone forever and I picked up my new found friends to head out for a sail.

The day couldn’t have been any better with light winds and weather in the low 80’s. We sailed some, motored some, trolled some and finally made it to Annapolis. I have to admit this town is so sick and chill.  The anchorage is incredible, dinghy docks on every street, old town waterfront and killer pubs/bars/restaurants all over the town. I couldn’t wait to begin exploring. We dropped Cassandra off so she could head back to Baltimore.

Jacob and I got the boat all settled and headed into Davis Pub for dinner and drinks. From there we headed to the Boatyard Pub for of course…more drinks.  Then I got in touch with M.E.’s cousin Hunter, who is a delivery captain for Bavaria and a captain down in the BVI.  Back to Davis Pub with him for more beers till closing around 1:30. Jacob and I dinghied back to the boat, more beers and tunes in the cockpit and then finally called it a night. Awesome sail, killer town and great friends. Looking forward to chilling here for the week.


2 thoughts on “Annapolis, MD

  1. Cindy,

    We have already had a great time.. Look forward to hanging with him all week. He is taking us grocery shopping today then back to the boat to eat fresh tuna steaks he caught last week! I have a feeling its gonna be a fun week. Thanks for following along on the journey.


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