M.E.’s Florida Roundup

On Wednesday night, our family headed up to Buca di Beppo in Jacksonville to celebrate my brother’s birthdays. While I’m not a big fan of chain restaurants, Buca is great because we always reserve “The Pope Room”, which can seat our party of 15 and the table is round which helps with being able to communicate with everyone. We had a great night eating tons of food and spending time with the family! 
Celebrating my brothers’ birthdays!
On Thursday, my cousins, brothers and I decided to go to Blue Spring State Park. The water was freezing but we braved the cold water and made our way around the spring and enjoyed swimming around for a bit and exploring! 
Swimming at Blue Spring State Park
As we started to head back towards the landing where we had left our stuff, my cousin popped her head up out of the water and told me that there was a manatee right in front of us! Sure enough, right at that moment the big guy decided to get some air. We ended up swimming around with him and rubbing his belly for awhile, which he really seemed to like! 
Two random little girls, me, my cousin and brother swimming with the manatee!
My brother rubbing the manatee’s belly!
My family left St. Augustine on Friday, which gave me an opportunity to go run errands and meet up with friends. I met up with our friend Faith, one of our Hidden Harbor dock neighbors, at the Hyppo Cafe. Faith caught me up on what was happening at our old marina and I shared stories of cruising life thus far. Faith is heading to Burning Man in a couple of weeks, so we both were really excited to talk about that as well. Maybe one day Matt and I will make it out there!
Mocha Latte from The Hyppo Cafe

After meeting up with Faith, I headed back to my aunt and uncle’s condo and chilled out for a bit.
St. Augustine Beach from my Aunt and Uncle’s Condo
That evening my cousins met me at the condo and we made homemade pizzas and mojitos! My cousin, Frances, was amazing and brought me creme brulee from Ned’s Southside Kitchen. Ah heaven! I literally have been craving this creme brulee ever since we left St. Augustine!

 Homemade Mojitos

Homemade pizzas with spinach, goat cheese and red and yellow tomato!

Creme Brulee from Ned’s…my weakness!

On Saturday, I ventured to Winter Park in Orlando to stay with one of my best friends, Maggie.We hit up The Wine Room after lunch and had a great time trying out new wines. The Wine Room is cool because you can go up to any machine and try out a sip, a half glass or a full glass of any wine they have.

Me and Maggie at The Wine Room

We spent the rest of the weekend chilling out, enjoying the A/C, drinking champagne and watching movies! A perfect way to end a great stay in Florida.


2 thoughts on “M.E.’s Florida Roundup

  1. Tate,

    We have some plans up our sleeves for a future Burning Man. When you head out on your sail you've got to make it up to Annapolis. Killer boater friendly town. We are having a blast and have some big plans to share next week.


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