Annapolis, MD

After bringing Jacob into work I cruised around the creeks to check out the sites then headed back towards KoKoi. I only had a few hours before M.E. arrived so I cleaned everything up and relaxed/napped in the cockpit for about an hour. The driver was kind enough to drop her off in Ego Alley (big boat row) and we took the dinghy across the creek to meet up with her cousin, Hunter, for lunch at Boatyard Bar & Grill.

M.E. and Hunter

After a wonderful lunch we said our goodbyes to him as he was heading out to deliver a boat to Mystic, CT.  We headed back to the boat to relax for a bit, since M.E. had a long day of flying and I had a long day of recovering from partying the night before. We both kicked back in the cockpit, read and napped the rest of the afternoon.

After a great sunset we finally got off the boat, explored downtown and hit up Dockstreet Bar for dinner.  The bomb deal! Half off burgers and wings tonight! Chowed down hard, walked it off and headed back to the boat to call it a night.

 Stand Up Paddleboarder at Sunset

 Waterfront Annapolis

 Wood Etchings of Annapolis

Main Street Annapolis

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