Annapolis, MD

The weather is perfect in Annapolis right now. So perfect that little seems to be getting done other than enjoying the cool breeze flow through the boat. Usually we try to get off the boat as much as possible because it is so deadly hot but today we just hung out on the boat.

I updated pages on the website while M.E. wrote about her Florida trip.  Annapolis has so many nice boats here it’s hard not to want to work on your own boat some. After about mid-day I took to washing the decks, transom and teak. There is still more cleaning to be done on the topside but for now Kokoi is looking pretty good.

 Annapolis Sailing School

Typical Anchorage Scene

There aren’t any jellyfish in this area and the water temperature is perfect for a swim. Finally after a month of not being able to swim I am back in the water again. I cleaned the bottom of the dinghy while I was swimming and just spent the rest of my afternoon floating around the creek.

When Jacob got off work this afternoon, he was kind enough to take M.E. to the grocery for our weekly shopping trip. I went into town and registered the boat with the city. It really amazes me how inviting Annapolis is compared to the anti-boater campaign Florida has going on right now.

Florida you are a cool state but Florida officials, you need to rethink your feelings about the boating community! Get with the program and call Annapolis. Surprise! There is a ton of money in the boating community and they want to bring it down South and spend it. My little brainless advice: Allow Them! I’m beginning to ramble about nothing so I’ll leave it there.

We all met back up and checked out the Navy band playing at the wharf then headed back for dinner. Jacob brought us about 5 lbs of fresh tuna for dinner and let me tell you it was incredible!  Thanks again dude!  Finished out the evening with some drinks in the cockpit and a little jam session.  It’s so perfect up here right now that I can’t even describe it through words.  Loving Life.

Tuna Steak with Spinach and Rice

Dinner In The Cockpit

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