Annapolis, MD

A friend of ours referred us over to Chick and Ruths for breakfest here on Main Street.  A huge thank you to Larry because that place was the bomb! I had a breakfest burrito that weighed in probably at 2 lbs. and M.E. had the crab cake eggs benedict. Chick and Ruth’s is well known for their 6 lb. milkshake (2 ft. tall) and 3lb. hamburger. Together as a meal they run about $35.00! After eating so much at breakfast, we decided to pass on the opportunity of trying to eat the hamburger and milkshake within the 1 hour limit…maybe next time.

Chick and Ruth’s

We were still able to stand after breakfest and decided to do some exploring downtown. The city has so many cool little places to visit.

Downtown Annapolis

Early afternoon was the usual, naps in the cockpit, riding around in the dinghy, another walk into town, followed by picking up Jacob and Cassandra to come over for dinner. Jacob hooked it up big time with his fresh seafood connection. About 6 lbs of Mahi, 3 lbs of Grouper, 2 lbs of 14ct. Shrimp, 3 lbs of Rockfish and a tub of fresh, lump crabmeat. I’m not going to include the price here because it should have been illegal it was so cheap.

Local Kids Skating Into The Creek


Fresh Seafood

After drinks in the cockpit for a couple of hours, the Wednesday Night Races were wrapping up at the bridge so we took the dinghy and ice chest out to watch the finish for an hour. Incredible how tight they all were packed in and headed right towards the bridge.

Annapolis Wednesday Night Races

Dinner time in the anchorage is always interesting. I invited everyone near us in the anchorage over for dinner and cooked about 4 lbs of Mahi tacos for everyone. I can tell already that this week is defintely going to be a foodies dream week. Wrapped up dinner, then headed to Davis Pub for beers before heading back to the boat for bed.  Easy living.


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