Annapolis, MD

We are beginning to get into a routine around here which in turn means we need to get moving again.  When you feel like you are getting tooo comfortable in one location you’d better get out quick or you might get stuck.  Have I mentioned the weather here in Annapolis yet?  Yes, it’s incredible and somehow that factored in to us managing to sleep until 11:15 today. Don’t ask me how or why. I also realize we slept half our life away today but don’t get worried because we made it up by staying up until 2 a.m.

Lunch was a long drawn out process of snacking for hours throughout the afternoon. Brownies, beer, green tea, rice and whatever other leftovers were in the fridge. Our neighbors Win & Tom were kind enough to drive us up to Bacon Sails to check the place out and M.E. was able to find a “cute” windscoop that we picked up for pretty cheap. Since we had a ride around town we made a quick stop at Sam’s and the liquor store to stock up on all those heavy items.

Bacon Sails Annapolis

It was another perfect day for a swim so I got out the paddleboard and bumper chairs and we lounged around in the creek for a couple of hours until sunset. The water temp up here right now is perfect. There were so many people out today it was insane. Paddleboarders, kayakers, sail/power boats and even some people doing a creek dinghy drift having happy hour.

Swimming In Spa Creek

The usual suspects all showed up for dinner this evening and I cooked 5 monster filets of Rockfish. We made it all this evening: tacos, sandwiches and salads.  I think some people were even eating fish on fish.  A local anchorage guest, Ed, made homemade tortillas which were the bomb.  Everyone dispersed pretty early this evening and we wrapped it all up and called it a night.

Dinghy Raft-Up At  Sunset

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