Annapolis, MD

Big shocker that we spent half of our day today cleaning the boat. We live in such a small space yet it always seems so messy. I think that since the space is so small that just one object out of place changes everything. It felt great though to get rid of a bunch of stuff on the boat and get everything put back in its place.

Paddleboarders Out for a Morning Paddleboard Session

I knocked out some computer work while M.E. did some photo editing for the blog and next thing we knew it was noon. We had great overstuffed sandwiches on the boat then headed into town to drop the garbage and fill the water jugs up.

 Downtown Annapolis

Eastport is such a unique little town that we spent all afternoon just walking up and down all of their streets looking at homes, boatyards and small stores. We stopped in at the maritime museum to see what they had to offer and learned about the oyster industry in Annapolis.

Scenes from Eastport

Leeward Market
Walking around town made us thirsty and we decided it was the kind of day to make pina coladas! We picked up some ice, pulled the blender out and fired up the generator to make some ice cold afternoon drinks. It was our first time in forever that we’ve had pina coladas and let me tell you, they were great! 
Our old friend, Josh, came down from Baltimore and I picked him up at the dock just in time for some cold brews at sunset. Tom, one of our neighbors in the anchorage, came over and soon enough we were all sharing stories of sailing and fishing. M.E. made Thai shrimp for dinner which was incredible and we finished up dinner right as a storm started to brew. We spent the rest of the evening in the cockpit drinking beers in the nice, dry full enclosure while it rained outside. A great end to the day. 

Pina Coladas
Hanging Out In The Cockpit

Evening In The Anchorage

Thai Shrimp With Bell Pepper and Coconut Rice
Storm Brewing

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