Annapolis, MD

Needless to say after last night everyone was feeling decent this morning. We all cruised downtown to get breakfast only to find out that upon our arrival the wait was about an  hour to get in the door. On a better note as soon as I turned around the first thing I saw was a sign stating 2 for 1 Bloody Marys. A sign that on Saturday mornings cannot be ignored. After a couple of hours enjoying “breakfast”  it was time to move on and get our day started.  
This in turn means a quick stop to grab some drinks and then a roundup throughout the anchorage to let everyone know it’s that time of day! The rope swing got busted out along with the surfboards, paddleboard, floats, day sailor, hammock and other random water toys we had laying around the boat. We had people stop by throughout the day for pina coladas, beers and mixed drinks.  A great way to spend the entire day meeting new people, swimming and jamming to some good tunes. 
 Breakfast of Champions: Bloody Mary’s

 The Ducks Love Sitting On The Dinghies

 Just Chillin’ In The Anchorage

 Jacob Trying Out The Rope Swing

 Fun In The Sun

Matt Doing Some Sailing In Tom’s Dinghy
Swinging In The Hammock

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