Annapolis, MD

Today was spent getting the boat ready to leave Annapolis for Baltimore. M.E. packed our bags for our roadtrip up North. We stowed loose items away and cleaned up the galley a bit. M.E. made some homemade postcards. When Jacob got off work he gave me a lift to the post office and grocery store to pick up some food and some items for dinner.

M.E.’s popular homemade postcards

Since it was our last night in Annapolis for a few weeks, we decided to go out with a bang. We invited Jacob, Win, Tom and Hunter over for dinner. The menu? Homemade crab and corn bisque and about 60 + beers. Tom brought over some brie and crackers and M.E. made us a cheese platter for an appetizer. The bisque was incredible if I do say so myself. Maryland corn, fresh crabmeat, heavy whipping cream and sauteed onions…incredible! We all sat around eating and drinking till about 4 in the morning, at which point, we decided we should probably call it a night if we were going to make it to Baltimore in the morning. Thanks Annapolis it’s been great and we’ll be back in a couple weeks but for now we’ve got to go exploring the North a bit more!

Making Homemade Crab and Corn Bisque

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