Baltimore, MD

After partying till 4 a.m. We all were feeling a little rough this morning. Fortunately, Jacob was able to take the day off of work to go with us up to Baltimore. M.E. spent most of the day “recovering” down below and decided to name the aft bedroom, “The Recovery Room” for the day. Jacob and I motor-sailed for most of the the morning. M.E. finally appeared around the time that we were pulling into our slip at Young’s Boat Yard. We all worked together in maneuvering the boat into her slip. The fit was snug but we got her in without bumping into anything which is good enough for me.


M.E. coming out of “The Recovery Room”

Some Natty Bo Caps From The Previous Night

The owners of Young’s Boat Yard are Phil and Annette Young, two wonderful people that I was fortunate enough to meet in St. Mary’s during the Governor’s Cup Race. Phil and Annette were kind enough to offer us a slip for two weeks and on top of that invited us on their boat for the Wednesday night race. We took them up on their offer and scheduled to meet up with them later on in the day to go out to the race.
We decided that it was time to get to work for a couple of hours before we headed to the race. M.E. was kind enough to volunteer to clean the dinghy. While this may not seem like too bad of a job it really was disgusting. The ducks in Annapolis had decided that they hated me with a passion and expressed their hatred by using our dinghy as their personal waste facility/hangout place. So M.E. ended up spending 2 hours in the dinghy cleaning up their mess.


We cleaned up and got ready to head over to Phil and Annette’s boat for the race. We sailed out to the race marker, the horn blew and…no wind. We trimmed the sails just enough to inch towards the course but it didn’t matter because the evening was beautiful so we enjoyed it for what it was. Two hours later, just as the sun set, we finally made it past the finish line in 2nd place. Unfortunately, on our way back in we ran out of gas so the committee boat gave us a tow in. Always an adventure! Thanks to Phil and Annette for the amazing hospitality!





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