Dewey Beach, DE

We woke up early this morning to get to work on the boat. Since we haven’t been to a marina for almost 3 months, the boat was in desperate need of some attention. We scrubbed the entire boat by hand and washed her down, then filled the water tanks and scrubbed the bottom of the dinghy. We hauled our “light packing” off the boat and set all our stuff under a tree to wait for the rental company to pick us up.

DSC_0055 Kokoi All Cleaned Up


Eating some leftover pizza while waiting for the rental car with our mountain of bags.

The guy from the rental car company picked us up at the marina and we were off to downtown Baltimore to pick up our car for our road trip. When we got there the manager was a little surprised by all the stuff we had and asked us if we were sure it would all fit in the car. As much as we tried to convince him that we were sure everything would fit, he ended up upgrading us anyway.

We loaded up and hopped in the car just in time to run into 5 o’clock traffic…great. After making it out of Baltimore, the road to Dewey Beach was a breeze. Back roads through farm country with barely any cars on the road is my kind of driving. We made it to Dewey Beach just in time for beers at sunset with Dolby and Brittany. It was so great to be able to hang out with them again since we haven’t seen them in a year.
We sat around on the dock drinking and talking about our plans for heading to the Caribbean in the Fall. Dolby and Brittany are heading out in late September from Delaware on their Watkins 27’ and we’re all planning to meet up around Norfolk to head South. After a few drinks, we decided to head to dinner.


The “Oh Great Traffic” Face


Dewey Beach, Delaware

We walked over to Port, a cool restaurant that serves amazing Thai food every Thursday. Lower Case Blues was playing and let me tell you…this band was INCREDIBLE! The Thai food at Port was exceptional and the beer was even crazier. Apparently they now make beer machines that auto-fill a pint of beer. The way it works is that a plastic cup has a hole cut out of the bottom of it and it has a magnet that sticks into the bottom when the cup is full. So cool! Make sure you don’t touch the magnet at the bottom though or you’ll end up with a lap full of beer! Mitch, one of the owners, was awesome and showed us how the machine worked by keeping the beers coming and Zack, one of the other owners, was cool and made us free shots! Port was a great restaurant for a fun time and we all left full and happy! Thanks to Mitch, Zack, Dolby and Brittany for a good time!


Matt and his beer from the beer machine!
Beer Magic


Mitch showing us how the beer machine works.

Beef Thai Basil

Chicken and Red Curry


Matt + Dolby + M.E. + Brittany = Trouble


Mitch and M.E. making shots!



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