New London, CT

It was time for us to get out of the city. We had a great time in New York but Andy was waiting for us in New London, Connecticut  and we were ready for a change in scenery and pace. We hopped in the car and headed out of the city. Before we could even get 10 miles down the road, we ran into our first obstacle…a toll road, not just any toll road, a $12.00 toll road. Sorry, but in our book this is rip off. I can understand a few bucks here and there for a toll road but not $12.00 to go through one tunnel. We paid it though and were on our way.


Our $12.00 Tunnel Ride

DSC_1089NYC Modern Architecture




NYC Modern Architecture

We made it to New London in good timing and were even able to stop and get my favorite, Popeyes, for lunch along the way. We were excited to see Andy since we hadn’t seen him since he left us in Norfolk. We had a great time catching up and swapping stories for a bit before he decided that he would show us around town. First stop was to Fort Trumbull State Park. A state park that Benedict Arnold had actually designed and which he would later attack during the American Revolution.


Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock


Painting by: Rosalie Shepherd




Fort Trumbull State Park


Fort Trumbull

While we were in Fort Trumbull State Park, we noticed the U.S. Coast Guard ship, The Eagle, docked in the harbor. Andy told us that the ship was actually a German ship that the U.S. took over after World War II. The ship is now used to train members of the Coast Guard  We decided to go take a look at it.


Fort Trumbull and U.S. Coast Guard Sailing Vessel (S/V) Eagle


S/V Eagle




Andy and Matt chilling on The Eagle


Horatio Hornblower aka Andy 


Matt Checking Out the Decks


Matt and M.E. On The Eagle

After we left Fort Trumbull, We drove around for a bit checking out the sights before heading to dinner at Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock, a cool seafood shack right on the water. We had delicious lobster rolls, lobster bisque and fried shrimp. Captain Scott’s is my kind of place. Simple menu, great food and you can bring your own beer to dinner. We spent the rest of the night doing what we do best. Drinking beer on the dock and sharing stories with Andy.


Old School Car


The New London Beach


Lobster Roll from Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock


M.E. and Andy

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