Mystic and Winsted, CT

We woke up this morning and headed to the Mystic seaport. The historical part of the seaport was nice but they were charging $24 a person for entry to the seaport and that was just to walk around on the boardwalk. We thought that was a bit on the steep side. 
We headed to the Mystic welcome center, which also happens to be the train station. We watched a train speed past the station and grabbed a map of the town before heading back out to downtown Mystic.
Mystic Seaport
 Mystic Train Station and Welcome Center

Train Coming Through
Downtown, we walked past shops and restaurants and looked at all the boats in the harbor. We also spotted Mystic Pizza, which was the inspiration for the 1988 movie, Mystic Pizza, with Julia Roberts.
 Mystic Bridge
Mystic Pizza

We walked back to the car to go pick up sandwiches from Pasta Fresca and Piadina to have a picnic. Up North, it’s normal to call sandwiches or subs, “grinders”, so we picked up a chicken cutlet grinder and some salad and headed to duBois Beach in Stonington, a town right beside Mystic. The weather was perfect and we had a great picnic on the rocks at the beach.
 Matt and his picnic
 Chicken Sandwich

 M.E. Loves Pellegrino
 Matt Enjoying The View

We finished lunch and went for a walk around town checking out the sights.
Stonington Lighthouse

 Scenes From Stonington

We left Stonington and headed for Winsted, CT. My uncle and aunt live in Winsted and we were excited to go hang out with them for a couple of days. We got to Uncle Peter and Dawn’s house just before sunset. Dawn invited M.E. to go to their stables to help feed their horses while I helped Uncle Peter with dinner. 
By the time we finished cooking dinner, M.E. and Dawn had come back and M.E. shared pictures and stories about the horses, Baby and Honey. We ate delicious chicken marsala for dinner, then we were off to bed for a busy day tomorrow.
The Horse Farm

 Dawn Taking Honey Out

 Baby Playing In The Field

One thought on “Mystic and Winsted, CT

  1. Sure you wait till we leave to visit we could have showed you a great time in Mystic which is actually stonington on one side and Groton on the other. We are in the Sassafrass river today 9/4/2012
    Curieuse cheryl and Dan


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