Winsted, CT

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning to go with Uncle Peter to Highland Lake. Uncle Peter and his friends ski on this lake every morning in the summer. M.E. was supposed to go too but she bailed when she felt how cold it was outside. 
I have to hand it to Uncle Peter, I was impressed by his skills and dedication. He’s a great skier and I can honestly say that you would never catch me getting in that 50 degree water every morning.
Fog on the Lake

 Uncle Peter Skiing Highland Lake
Uncle Peter’s friend, Larry, coming out of the fog.

Highland Lake
Uncle Peter and I headed back to the house when he and Larry finished skiing. He got ready and left for work while I went back to sleep for the next few hours. I ended up having to get some dental work done that day which was a bummer but on the upside, Uncle Peter took the afternoon off work to take me and M.E. flying. Uncle Peter is a champion glider but he also has his pilot’s license. He took me and M.E. out in a J3 Piper Cub. 
M.E. was nervous because it was her first time flying in a small plane (good thing it wasn’t the glider or she would’ve really freaked) but she loved it by the time she and Uncle Peter landed. I was happy to just be back in the air. It’s been a long time since I’ve been flying and I was loving it. We had an awesome time flying and ended a great day with pizza night back at Uncle Peter and Dawn’s house.
J3 Piper Cub

M.E. and Uncle Peter in the sky.

Big House Down Below

Matt and Uncle Peter Preparing For Flight

Matt and Uncle Peter In The Air

Matt and Uncle Peter

M.E. and Matt


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