Boston, MA

We went gunkholing today as they call it up here in Boston. After dragging ourselves out of bed around mid-day we loaded up the boat and headed out for a day on the water. Somewhat similar to what everyone does in Florida except there isn’t a sandbar out there.  Just a bunch of boats anchored or rafted up to one another enjoying the day swimming, diving, drinking and grilling. Tom took us on a nice tour of the harbor and I was quite impressed with the amount of boat traffic. There were hundreds of sailboats out just day sailing.  Boston Harbor is by far the busiest port we have been in to date. We wasted away a few hours drinking beers on the boat while Whitney and Tom swam. I’ve got to give it to them for getting in that water. Cold would be a huge understatement and it’s the dead of summer up here right now.
Matt In The Mooring Field

The Gunk Hole

The Gunk Hole

Boston Sailing

Towing the people with the sinking dinghy
As we were heading back to the mooring, the engine started to stall. We were out of gas. I pumped the gas ball long enough for us to make into the fuel dock. That’s where we met the dinghy people. The dinghy people were quite the couple. We pulled up to the fuel dock all the way to the end so another boat could come in and fuel behind us.  Right as we are cleating off, these two “pieces of work” just about got run over by a 40′ Searay.  They cleared under the bow about 3 feet away and continued over to the fuel dock while exchanging apologies with the larger boat. Close call whew.  
They proceeded to tie up in the center of the fuel dock to get gas. The Searay pulls up and asked this guy if he could move.  The dinghy guy explained to the Searay captain that he was only getting half a gallon of gas and should only be 5 minutes. The Searay captain tells him off and stood off the dock waiting for the dinghy guy to get fuel.  It gets better I promise…
I notice their dinghy is taking on water (fast) but the dinghy guy seems to have no concern.  Tom offered him a 5-gallon bucket to bail with but it didn’t do much of anything.  He pulled away from the dock and tried to head out to his boat. He started the engine, would move 10 feet, the engine would stall, then he would repeat the process all over again. We finally got off the dock and asked the guy if he wanted a tow. We threw them a line and offered them a beer, the dinghy guy didn’t want one but his wife definitely did. We towed the dinghy guy and his wife out to his sailboat and left them there to maneuver their way onboard. Some people are quite a piece of work and the dinghy guy was definitely one of them. I’m just wandering now if they ever made it back to the dock.


Matt coming to pick us up.

Tom and his house that he made over.

The Fireplace

Tom’s Kitchen

Tom’s Living Room

Blueberry Vodka Drink

Horse Shoes

The Huge Windmill In The Distance

Aunt Paula and Uncle Mike’s Dog, Bruin

The rest of the evening was spent at Tom’s house playing horse shoes in the backyard and pounding down beers before dinner. He has a sweet house just one block off the ocean. He bought the house a few years ago and gutted it completely to the outer walls. It took he and my uncle a year to rebuild the house completely. The only thing they didn’t do was float the sheetrock. As you can see from the photos they did an incredible job.  
After a long few hours over at his place we headed back to Uncle Mike and Aunt Paula’s house for BBQ to finish off another great evening overlooking the bay. Their house is perfect for every occasion. A back porch overlooking the bay & ocean and a rooftop deck with 360 degree views of the entire beach on one side and  downtown Boston on the other side.

Everyone was pretty tired from the previous night except Tom, Nicole, Whitney and I so we all decided to head down to the beach for some Fascination and beers at the local watering hole. Fascination is quite an interesting place.  It’s a buck a game and you roll balls into holes at the other end of the “court”.  The person with a ball in each hole first wins. Similar to blackout in Bingo except you are rolling these racket balls non-stop.

Some people might think there is some level of skill here but there isn’t in any way.  I threw $20 down to play and lost all of it within 30 minutes. We still had two free games to play and what would you know I won a game and got $20 back. This is when you know its time to leave. A brainless waste of time but we all loved it. We headed down the street to the bar and in the process I found a $10 bill on the sidewalk.  Things are really looking up for us now!  We drank that $10 bill along with several more $10 bills throughout the night. Made it back to the house and crashed out for the evening.

Big Winner

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