Boston, MA

I was feeling a little rough this morning from last night’s adventures but that didn’t keep us we from having another great start to the day.  Uncle Mike, M.E. and I went over to Uncle Mike’s sister, Joyce’s house to get some fresh veggies and herbs from her garden for the big party today. We were all getting together for food, fun and another late night. Uncle Mike had started smoking two pork shoulders and a ham early in the morning.  
Uncle Mike and Joyce picking out some mint.
House In Hull

Veggies and herbs from Joyce’s garden.
Uncle Mike in his element

Ready for the party!

Around mid-afternoon everyone began showing up for the party and the apps started to pour out. Uncle Mike is an incredible chef and when he is cooking there is no worry that you might go hungry. The party started with chicken satay, caprese salad, pot stickers, cheese & garlic stuffed sausages, homemade pizzas of all different kinds and a number of other amazing sides as well. The pork butts came off the grill and the BBQ sandwiches began to flow along with some incredible potato salad and coleslaw. It was the best way to spend a Labor Day with family and friends.

Uncle Mike and Joyce
Aunt Paula and Uncle Mike’s Backyard

Aunt Paula and her friend
New Friends from Hong Kong
The party went late into the evening and once everyone finally headed out for the evening the rest of the crew  sat on the back deck drinking a mix of Meyers, beers and wine. When hanging out with this crowd there definitely isn’t a lack of excitement. I’m not quite sure what time it was but eventually Aunt Paula was kind enough to stick her head out the second story bedroom window to let us all know it was time to bring the party inside and that we were being a little to loud.  I mean come on it was just nearing 3 a.m. and we already had to bring it inside?! I’m really glad she told us it was time to wrap it up because if she hadn’t I am sure we would have all partied till the sun come up. Once Tom had a serious allergic reaction to something, we all decided it was time to wrap it up and head to bed. Check out that sweet red face of his!


Megan and Nicole

Whitney and Dickey


Tom’s Allergic Reaction

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