Baltimore, MD

The long dreaded drive home started by sitting in traffic for an hour in Boston. Once we got out of the city it was pretty much a breeze all the way back to Baltimore. A very long drive though and I was dead tired throughout the entire thing. We made it back to Hertz with just 20 minutes to spare before having to pay for another day.

 Sunrise On The Marsh

Driving Through Boston

Our driver that was bringing us back from Hertz was quite the character.  Definitely a drive it like you stole it attitude. No worries doing 90 in a 45 mph zone. Kids, pedestrians, school buses and stand still traffic.  Nothing could stop this dude.  It was like we had just robbed a bank and were headed to the liquor store to buy Hennessey and 40’s.  When we got out of the car it went something like this:

M.E: Wow, that guy likes to drive really fast, I was kinda freaking out. You forgot to tip the guy!

Matt:  I didn’t forget to tip him. The $5 I was going to give him I am keeping as life insurance after that ride.

M.E:  Come on, I’m ready to get on the boat.

Matt:  Couldn’t agree more it’s been a long two weeks.


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