Baltimore, MD

After a long night’s sleep we were up and ready for a fresh start back on the boat. It was a blast being on the road the past two weeks but it’s also great to be back home.  We straightened up the boat and said our good byes to Phil before heading out.  Phil and Annette Young are the owners of Young’s Boatyard.  They are incredible people and have a very nice facility here in Baltimore.  If you’re in the Chesapeake and need a place to stop or get hauled, we would highly recommend swinging in and saying hello to them. Phil runs the yard himself and has a 15 ton travel lift for haul outs. They are only a couple of miles from the Chesapeake so it’s an easy quick in and out spot. A huge thanks once again to them for taking such good care of Kokoi while we were gone. Find their website here and their Facebook page here.

It was great to finally get some water moving under us once again. We made it to Fell’s Point/ Baltimore Inner Harbor around 4 this afternoon. Finally back on the hook and getting things done around here. Put away everything that was outside. The dinghy got dropped back into the water, we cleaned the inside of the boat and made a quick run to the grocery store since the boat was completely empty.

The Anchorage In Baltimore

 Fell’s Point

Josh, a friend of mine, came down and met up with us for happy hour at the Wharf Rat Pub. They brew their own beers here and offer a wide selection of other great brand beers as well. Happy hour with friends always turns into more than just a beer or two. When we found out that Wharf Rat’s happy hour consisted of 3 for $6, we took advantage of the deal.  We polished off happy hour brews and pizza for a few hours before Josh decided to show us around town.

 Matt and Josh

 Gotta Love Beer and Pizza
Our cool bartender

We stopped by Josh’s boat for a few beers, then started heading back towards the boat. We were one block away from the boat, when just by luck we walked by Cat’s Eye Pub, where a killer live blues band was playing. In we go for a beer and the next thing we know we are closing the place down.

Cat’s Eye Pub is a great place to party and have a good time. Tony, the owner, makes everyone who walks in the door feel welcome. He is the youngest bar owner in Baltimore but he’s got years of experience in getting people to relax, let loose and have a great time. Cat’s Eye Pub got it’s name from the illegal distillery that the bar would buy it’s liquor from in 1975. They have more music than any other bar in the Baltimore area and let me tell you, they don’t just have those common mediocre band appearances. The bands that are coming through the Cat’s Eye doors have the rhythm and soul that will get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor!

The night that we were there, Nate Myers and the Aces were playing. These guys are incredible. Nate has the type of voice that makes you feel like you’re in some bar in a shack right in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Nothing gets me to dance more than good music and we spent the rest of the night drinking Natty Bo and dancing to the best blues act in Baltimore.

Matt getting ready to dance!

Nate Myers

 Tony, owner of Cat’s Eye Pub
Nate Myers and The Aces
Cat’s Eye Pub

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