Philadelphia, PA

Thursday morning, I said goodbye to Matt and Kokoi to go visit my cousin, Frances, in Philadelphia for a couple of days. I had booked a round trip ticket for $25 the night before to ride on Megabus. I was excited to see what these buses were like. During our roadtrip up North, we had seen tons of them on the road and I was intrigued by their offer of cheap travel.

I hopped on the bus around noon and was off to Philadelphia. Megabus turned out to be a great ride. The bus was clean and there were plenty of seats and I was even able to plug my computer into an outlet and get some work done on the way. The internet on the bus was a bit spotty but it worked well when it wanted to and for $25 I couldn’t complain!

Megabus! I sat on the top.
Frances and I met up near the University of Pennsylvania campus and we headed to Honest Tom’s Tacos for a late lunch. At Honest Tom’s I ended up getting a burrito which was delicious and more than enough food for lunch. 

 Philadelphia Architecture

 Honest Tom’s Tacos
After lunch, we walked to Frances’ apartment and rested for a bit before happy hour. We ended up spending the rest of the evening at a local brewery called, Dock Street, where we had crisp, light beer and pizza made with sundried tomato, olives, walnut, feta and spring mix salad. Delicious!

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