Philadelphia, PA

Woke up for a day of touring around Philly this morning. I was excited to see all that the city had to offer. The first stop for the day was the UPenn campus. Frances will be studying design in grad school at UPenn and I was thrilled to see where she will be spending most of her time for the next two years.

 UPenn Building
 Oh Ben!

 City of Brotherly Love


 The Library
Frances’ Design Building
We caught a cab downtown to see what kind of historical landmarks we could find. First stop? The Liberty Bell!

The Liberty Bell was a bit crowded but I was able to sneak in a picture with it before we left. We decided to just wander around for a while and see what kind of cool things we could find. One of the funniest things that we saw was this squirrel just laying out on a rail. I’m not a big fan of squirrels but this was hilarious!


The funniest squirrel! 
One of the most incredible things that we happened upon were some of Lewis and Clark’s journals at the American Philosophical Society. The journals had beautifully drawn maps on the inside and it was amazing to see how much detail they put into them. They also had an original draft of the Declaration of Independence. 

Lewis and Clark’s Journals
We left the Philosophical Society and headed to the First Continental Congress building, then we went to lunch at a pub in the middle of town and lunch was followed by a stop at The Franklin Fountain to try some of their homemade ice cream! 
 The First Continental Congress was held here!

 Downtown Philly

Coffee Ice Cream From The Franklin Fountain. Yum!
By the time we finished our ice cream, we were pretty tired. We started heading back to Frances’ apartment but along the way we made a stop at the grocery to buy some items for a special dinner to celebrate Frances’ upcoming birthday. We got back to Frances’ apartment in time to take showers, chill some champagne and get dressed up for a great little dinner party! Frances’ roommate, Chelsea, was in charge of music; Frances’ friend, Daniel, made homemade pesto for pasta and I baked Kahlua cupcakes while Chelsea made frosting for them. A couple bottles of champagne were polished off, our dinner turned out perfectly and Frances loved the cupcakes. A successful night in my book!

Chelsea, Frances and Daniel

 Kahlua Cupcakes

 Ready for some homemade pesto!
Dinner Party
 Birthday Girl

 Pesto Pasta for Dinner
Frances and her birthday cupcakes!

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