Annapolis, MD

We got out of Baltimore today and made it into Annapolis around mid-afternoon. Josh came along for the ride and we were pulling up the anchor right about 9 a.m. this morning.  Today was a weird mix of sailing, motoring and motor sailing. We would have good wind for 30 minutes, then no wind, light winds, then repeat. There was just no consistency.

Before we could even get the anchor set in Spa Creek, our neighbor, Tom, was heading over and he was ready to party. Josh left to go back to Baltimore but we soon added Ed and Win to our company. The local anchorage mayor, Stan, stopped by to welcome us back and eventually the afternoon turned into an evening of drinking and catching up on the latest news while M.E. made mac n’ cheese and brownies for everyone for dinner.

It was great getting back up with all the guys on anchor in Spa Creek.  Tom in his prime decided the best way to enter his dinghy late at night was to center himself.  He did just that by jumping right into it and proceeding to fall directly off the other side.  I pulled him back into his dink and motored him back home before heading to bed myself. Another great ending to an evening.

Our friend, Stan, the Spa Creek Welcoming Committee


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