Annapolis, MD

The weather here in Annapolis is absolutely incredible right now. The next few days are going to be work days for us around here. There are a lot of small jobs that need to be completed on the boat so it’s a little work and hopefully still a lot of play.

S/V Sugar Daddy…66′ Gunboat

Showers, laundry and lunch pretty much sums up the entire first half of our day.  How does it take 6 hours to get such miniscule things done? I have no idea. We got back to the boat and wrapped up some dishes and boat chores before heading out for the grocery run.

Jacob was kind enough to drive us over a few towns to get groceries at Walmart and stock up on all those little things we have been needing to get. Our biggest grocery bill to date. I was in line paying and I seriously believe that I was having heart palpitations. We made it out of there alive though and started heading back home.

We made a quick stop at Rite Aid for a few Arizona Green Teas, swear I’m not an addict…I only bought 96 because they were 2 for $1.  We had a bunch of people over for steak kabobs and once again M.E. came through with a great dinner for everyone.  Also a huge thanks to Ed for his delicious pasta salad. A few beers and late night travel stories later and we were all crashing out for the evening. Great to be back in such a cool town.

Arizona Green Tea Anyone?

 Sailboat Reflections

  Barry Levinson’s House

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