Annapolis, MD

Perfect way to start out a new day here.  I felt incredible when I woke up this morning.  I finally got an early start and even caught the end of the sun breaking the horizon.

The dinghy engine has been giving me hell the past few days, and after having to row everyone back and forth from shore last night, I decided it had to be fixed now.  I grabbed my OJ and went to town adjusting my carb settings and idler. I couldn’t get it to idle at all. Spark plugs were next on the list and after pulling my first plug I knew the problem immediately.  I went in search of the spares with no luck.  Seriously, has anyone ever found what they were looking for on the boat when it was most needed? NO.

I see them all the time.  Where could they be?  I finally managed to find them buried in a box somewhere.  I cleaned the first plug and took charge of the second.  Busted knuckle time!  Slip, bang, sh*t.  A few choice words later at the engine and socket and I was headed downstairs to see the nurse.  I got all bandaged up and was back in action within 5 minutes.  The engine now runs fine again, my hand not so much.

 Just call him “Scarfinger Scarpelli”

M.E. worked on the photos for all the blogs we have been behind on.  You will now notice we are all caught up again and should stay on top of it daily.  I did the rest of my chores: filled the water tanks and cleaned up from sailing.

The rest of the afternoon was laid back. I met up with Tom for brews on his boat while M.E. worked on dinner. We made our way over to Kokoi around sunset and M.E. had made one of my favorites. Sweet potato burritos! Ended another great day with an early night.

 Happy Hour In The Anchorage

Sweet Potato Burritos


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