Annapolis, MD

For the past few days I haven’t been very pleased with how we were sitting.  I mean the anchor was set and we weren’t going anywhere but it just didn’t feel comfortable knowing how close the boats around us were.  With that being said we moved. Only about 75 feet away but none the less it meant dealing with the muddy anchor and a messy deck.

Checking out the new anchor situation.

After wrapping all of that up and some other odds and ends it was already time to get lunch going. I made 7 freshly blackened chicken sandwiches, bagged them up with snacks and we headed into town.  We tossed one over to Ed while he was working on the harbormaster boat and then headed over to have lunch with Hunter. After lunch and about 30 minutes of laziness cruising around some backstreets M.E. and I helped Hunter for a few hours moving boats around, getting diesel, and doing pump outs.  It was a beautiful day to be out on the water and on someone else’s boat.

 Getting ready to take the Bavaria fleet out for a refuel and a pump out.

Bavaria 36′

 Batman’s boat showed up while we were fueling up…

 Hunter Up The Mast

The Galley on the Bavaria 45′

As for our afternoon I am not really sure where it went. Maybe M.E. laying in the hammock on the foredeck or me stumbling around deck is where the time went.  It just seems like the last 4 hours of the day disappeared.  Win, Tom, & I did a dinghy raft up and drifted while talking about life and the future.  Real philosophical I know.

 Bow Puppy

Lazy Afternoon

The sun set and the party was getting started over at Hunter’s house so it was time to roll out.  Upon our arrival it was a dream backyard bbq.  Charcoal grill fired up, outdoor fireplace cranking out some heat, tons of food, a rope swing, oak trees, a fridge full of different beers and great friends.  The night flew by filled with laughter and bad jokes before it was time for us to hop a cab and head back to the boat.

 Sunset In The Anchorage

Fireside Chats

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