Annapolis, MD

I really enjoy having everyone over for dinner and drinks every night, but the dishes, damn. It seems like the first couple of hours every day now consist of cleaning up the deck and doing dishes. Mounds of dishes everywhere.

After wrapping up the boat work though, we headed into town for a walk and to head over to the library. Mysteriously both of our inverters died out within two weeks of each other. Obviously we have no power source on the boat to write these incredible posts for all of you great readers out there in the blogosphere. Instead we walked a couple of miles up to the library to charge everything and so that I could get a bunch of work online done. We must really look weird when we go places to charge everything. We end up taking every plug in the place it seems.  Two Laptops, 1 Macbook, 1 Ipad, 2 Ipods, 1 Internet Card, Camera Batteries and 2 Cell Phones.  Weirdos I know!

M.E. thought this looked like an octopus…maybe we should submit this to Kraken Rum?

On the free trolley!

Lucky me after about 4 hours in the library Hunter hit me up and needed a hand getting a desk put together.  I actually had something to do for a couple of hours this afternoon.  While I was helping Hunter, M.E took on the job of washing the exterior of the boat. I finished up my job and Jacob and I headed out for a quick run to West Marine, the grocery & liquor store.  After a wrong left turn we ended up in D.C. about 35 minutes later. Hmm…how did we miss that one? We worked our way back to Annapolis, grabbed the goods and made it back to the boat right in time for people to begin showing up.

 Fresh Fish
 Evening In The Anchorage

Ed In The Honking Goose

The party was one of the best we have had so far on the trip.  twelve people on the boat and a huge turn out of great fun, drinks and food.  Jacob came through with the hookup on 8 lbs of Rockfish, Tuna and Mahi.  I’ll just sum up this evening with a few photos and the word Incredible!

 Tuna Ready For The Grill

 First Round

Hanging Out In The Cockpit

 Fish Sandwiches and Wraps!

Our neighbors that are loving us for blaring music and yelling across the anchorage…

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