Annapolis, MD

Time is really slowing down now that we are semi settled in Annapolis for a couple of weeks.  The weather is a dream and the town is just too cool.  After breakfast I helped Win with a patch job on his dinghy. Pretty simple and straight forward.

Lunchtime rolled around and M.E. made an incredible Barley Salad which you can find the recipe to below and some sandwiches. I lounged around in the cockpit listening to tunes and dreaming of the day this finger will heal.  I’ve got a list of things to do a mile long on the boat and I was really hoping to get them checked off while we have such wonderful weather.  My finger isn’t in any shape to be sanding, doing mechanical work or using chemicals so I’ve just been laying low.

 Barley Salad Ingredients

After lunch, M.E. and I got our things together and took a long dinghy ride out into the bay and then through Back Creek for a couple of hours. We followed that up with a nice walk through downtown. We got back to the boat and lounged around for a bit more before it was time to start prepping dinner.

 Around Town

M.E. and I worked on making artichoke dip and then I went and rounded the troops together while it was cooking. Tom, Ed and Hunter came over for dinner. We started with the artichoke dip which turned out great, then moved on to some pasta salad Ed had made and M.E.’s barley salad and then we moved on to the jambalaya for our main course. Tons of good food and great company. Always a nice way to end the day.


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