Annapolis, MD

Stuffed French toast for breakfast on the boat.  It must be a Saturday morning around here.  M.E. cooked up some concoctions this morning and did some cleaning around the boat while Jacob gave me a ride up to West Marine to get a new inverter.

 Stuffed French Toast

After a few hours of measuring and drilling holes I was starting to make headway on the install.  We are now proud owners of a very quiet 1000W inverter that we have only been using for a few hours and love.  Just as I was wrapping up my boat projects and began putting everything away the day’s excitement started.

 New Inverter Install

A 55′ Sea Ray Express came into the anchorage and started trying to anchor EVERYWHERE!  This guy was so determined it blew everyone’s minds away.  He was out there for roughly 3 hours and had dropped anchor over 30 times and couldn’t get it to set anywhere in the harbor.  He was obviously really frustrated by that point in time.  How could I tell?  Well he went by one of our friend’s boats and told him that Ed’s boat was a P.O.S. and had no right to be anchored where he was anchored.  He soon fixed this problem very easily.

He then proceeded to drive over Ed’s anchor rode thus pulling Ed’s boat into the Sea Ray then dragging it down the creek.  I was in action immediately and flew over in the dinghy to cut the anchor rode and set the guy adrift while I tried to save Ed’s boat.  I was able to get the rode cut and Ed brought his boat next to mine for a side tie until we could get his secondary anchor together and reset the anchor. By this point, people were out of their homes and boats video taping and photographing all the excitement.

None of this seemed to phase 55′ Sea Ray boy and he finally was able to clear out the spot he wanted to anchor in.  The harbormaster at this point was on the scene.  A lady in another boat was yelling at the top of her lungs for the guy to get away from her boat. While he almost hit another sailboat in the process. The rest of us were cracking open a beer and watching the show go on.  Finally the harbormaster made Sea Ray boy leave and Ed went with him to collect money for his losses which ended up being more because on the way back to the harbormaster office, Ed’s dinghy got popped in three places from being tied up to the Sea Ray.

 Ed’s boat rafted up next to ours.
The Sea Ray trying to anchor in Ed’s spot…
 Ed trying to reason with Searay Boy…
 The Sea Ray dragging closer and closer to the trawlers that are moored.
Guacamole for appetizers during the entertainment!

The day rolled forward and another party aboard KoKoi began to form. We had the usual crew along with some newbies and a paddle board chick we picked up while she was out paddling. It was the same as last night with tons of great food and drinks.  Life isn’t to shabby when you know how to keep it simple and make the most of everything.

 Calm In The Anchorage

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