Annapolis, MD

This morning M.E. made her first omelet ever and coming from someone who doesn’t eat eggs it looked delicious. I slammed down the usual Arizona green tea and then our day began to progress from there. You’d never guess that we did dishes all morning and worked on cleaning up the cockpit from last night but we did.

 Spinach, Feta and Tomato Omelet

Late morning M.E. and I got the grappling hook and towed it around the anchorage trying to find Ed’s anchor for him. We didn’t have much luck with the anchor but M.E. had a great time treasure hunting.  She was so excited about it she couldn’t sit still in the dinghy.  We found an old mooring, sail, battery cables and some other random “junk” or M.E.’s treasures.

We have been having some great parties as of recently and I think our neighbor the Senator was getting a little jealous of just how much fun we have been having. In turn he decided to try and one up us this afternoon with his little white linen cocktail party he had on his back lawn. It was nice and quaint, but in reality who likes a nice, quaint party? Everyone came by boat even with some of them having their boat chauffeur drop them off.

 The Senator’s Party

After a couple of hours of watching the blue hairs crawl around the yard with martinis it was time for me to move on to better things. Win was kind enough to drive us up to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping run. Remember the old saying don’t ever go to the grocery store starving? Well that’s just what M.E. did and it wasn’t pretty. What made matters even worse is that Win dropped us off and said he would be back in an hour. An hour in a grocery store? Are you freaking kidding me? That just sounds like damage central. What should have been a small carry basket ended up being a full shopping cart. On a better note no one in the anchorage will go hungry this week.

Tom and Hunter came by for dinner. Thanks to Tom we had surf and turf this evening.  Steamed shrimp, steaks, potatoes and a red pepper polenta that M.E. made. Incredibly enough everyone was on their best behavior tonight and we were able to push them all back in their dinghies before 10:30. An early night in this household is unheard of recently.

 Surf and Turf Dinner

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