Annapolis, MD

A huge low pressure system swept across the East Coast today which kept us all inside once again.  We had Tom and Ed over some sandwiches at lunch and then again for some drinks and chicken pot pie for dinner.  In between our quick jaunts of meals we all stayed down below in the hopes of not dragging as the wind increased to 25 mph throughout the day.  We could show you pictures of the wind and rain that we had all day today but what fun would that be.  Instead we will do another blast from the past.  Tomorrow it should clear up and become a beautiful fall day.

 Surf Trip In Eleuthera, Bahamas

 Matt and Paul Cliff Jumping In Eleuthera, Bahamas

 Scalloping Trip In Crystal River

 Oleta State Park, Miami
 Oleta State Park, Miami

 Dock Party At Our Old Marina, Hidden Harbor

 Young Love

 Good Friends From Hidden Harbor

 Late Nights On The Dock At Our Old Marina

 Fishing In Miami With Paul and Erik

 Paul’s House In Miami

 Our Friends Nick and Brandon
 Sunflowers In Our Garden

Our Garden At Our Old Marina

 Camping In New Smyrna

 Make A Wish

VW Roadtrip To Cedar Key
Fishing In Cedar Key
Christmas At M.E.’s Grandmother’s  House

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