Annapolis, MD

It was a super busy day around here today. The other night we booked last minute flights to head down to New Orleans to spend a week with my family. Needless to say we had a lot of things that needed to be done before we leave.

The weather has finally turned around and it’s a perfectly clear day outside. I got the boat ready to bring her into the slip while M.E. cleaned up downstairs and got all of our stuff packed up. Around 4:30 I went over to Eastport to help Hunter move a boat and then we cruised back out to pick up KoKoi and take her into the slip. In the process of getting the boat ready Hunter was filling a bucket with water and ended up in the water himself with both his cell phones in his pocket. We are now up to 3 cell phones lost off the back of our boat in 2 weeks.  Sounds like a bunch of professionals right?!

 Beautiful Day In Annapolis

We finally got the boat in the slip and I went straight to work on the outside. I took everything off the deck and washed the boat, got the dinghy on davits and placed all of our boards and outside gear back downstairs in the V-berth.  In the process of doing all this I ate it big time when trying to get off the boat.  My little toe caught the lifeline and just slammed me full force into the dock and halfway in the water.  For anyone keeping track that’s 1.5 people in the water today. We had a great party this evening with tons of people coming over to wish us goodbye and drink some cold beers.  M.E. and Ed did an excellent job on dinner making pizzas for appetizers, 4 monster pork loins, broccoli and cookies!  Finally in bed now trying to get a few hours of sleep before heading into the airport.

 Pizza Appetizer

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