New Orleans, LA

Got everything packed up to head back to Annapolis today. M.E. and I are still feeling rough which makes flying 10x worse but we’re happy to be back on the boat.

We said goodbye to my dad at the house and then headed into New Orleans with my mom to have lunch at Cafe Degas before we caught our flight back. At Cafe Degas, my mom started off with French onion soup, while I tried some kind of crab bisque…the only problem was there were just 2 claws in the bisque and no crabmeat…bummer. M.E. ordered the seared Flounder with quinoa, red curry and artichoke. My mom had a beet and goat cheese salad and I tried the lamb sausage with tabouli. All in all, the meal was fine but I was just in a haze from feeling bad and taking a Benadryl right before lunch.

 Feeling Rough

 Crab Bisque
 French Onion Soup


 Beet and Goat Cheese Salad
 Creme Brulee
  Cafe Degas

By the time we got to the airport, M.E. and I were both so ready to just get back to Annapolis and back to the boat. Neither one of us slept much on the plane. The people next to me probably thought I had the plague. One guy that I sat next to literally stood up before everyone else and sprinted towards the exit with his bag when we landed. He was either late for his next flight or he just really wanted to get away from me.

We finally made it back to Kokoi. She was still floating and everything was working inside. Now it’s time to pass out and try to get better. 


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