Annapolis, MD

Work…what was that again? Oh yeah…I just remembered. I woke up at 6 something this morning to start working a boat detailing gig. Since M.E. and I have enjoyed Annapolis so much, we decided to try and make some money while we’re anchored here just hanging out. We started asking around and after about a week, we have landed jobs working during the Annapolis Boat Show. M.E. will be a hostess for Bavaria yachts and I’ll be working for Catalina. I also got a job detailing catamarans before the show, which is pretty sweet. Sure, I know I said that I was done working for good when we left but when there is money to be made, I’d rather be making it than just chilling on the boat 24/7.

While I was at work, M.E. washed and cleaned the isinglass, washed the cockpit, delivered some stuff to the post office and oiled the wood in the aft cabin and galley. Making some money and coming home to a clean boat is a good day in my book.

Around sunset, Hunter and his friend helped us get our boat out of the slip that Bavaria was nice enough to let us stay in. We anchored out in Spa Creek just after nightfall and the first person to greet us was Tom. He came over with beers and the night turned into a welcome back celebration. We made friends with our new neighbor, John and Hunter and his friend hung out for pizza and beers. Time to crash out and get ready for another busy day tomorrow.

Taking the boat back to Spa Creek.

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