M.E.’s View Of The Day: Annapolis, MD

Now that Matt is working on getting all the boats ready for the Annapolis Boat Show, I’ve had a lot of time to clean and get things done around the boat. Today was laundry day. I got all of our dirty laundry together stuffed it all into Matt’s enormous hiking backpack and threw it in the dinghy. I rowed into shore, tied Lil’ Trout up to the closest dinghy dock and made my way into town. All the tourists were coming in for the weekend and I’m sure I looked like quite the character amongst them with my bulging backpack and laundry detergent in hand. I spent a few hours washing and drying clothes before making the trek back to the dinghy.

 Laundry Day

The harbormaster’s office in Annapolis provides laundry facilities in the bathrooms but the only problem is there is only one washer and dryer in each of the men and women’s bathrooms, so sometimes you get stuck waiting on other people to finish their washing or drying before you can throw you’re stuff in. I can’t complain too much though because it’s at least cheaper than all the other laundry facilities in town.

I rowed back to the boat and finished putting everything away right as I got a call from Jacob saying that he needed a ride out to the boat. I rowed in, picked him up and brought him back to the boat. He had brought so much fish and shrimp! Five pounds of shrimp and 10 lbs. of tuna, snapper and salmon. Yum!

Fish For Dinner

Matt made it home just in time for dinner. Tuna, rice and green beans, a great meal to end a prosperous day!


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