M.E.’s View Of The Day: Annapolis, MD

It’s party time on Kokoi! Matt’s birthday is on Monday and I am so excited to celebrate. This morning I woke up early to start getting ready for the evening’s festivities.

As Matt left for work, I got my grocery list together. One of the ways that we are able to stay on budget, while still providing meals to all our friends and neighbors that happen to stop by, is by making a list of meals for the entire week. By listing meals for the entire week, I can then figure out what ingredients we need and what we already have. We generally spend most of our grocery money on meat and fresh produce. This week’s menu? Barbecue shrimp and grits, Shrimp Creole, Salmon with rice and carrot souffle, Snapper and Tuna tacos/sandwiches, Chili, Chicken Curry and Sweet potato, black bean burritos.
Once I had my list together, Jacob gave me a ride to the grocery store to pick up groceries and to the hardware store to get our propane tank filled. I made it back to the boat and started whipping up some delicious cupcakes (*Note to all boating bakers: Cupcakes take FOREVER, because you most likely will only be able to use a 6-cup/muffin pan.). Jacob helped me blow up an overflowing amount of balloons and I sewed them all together in to two columns. A “Happy Birthday” banner was put up shortly after and soon the boat was looking like it was ready for a party. 
 Blowing Up Balloons.

They were filling up the entire salon…
The First Balloon Column
Delicious Cupcakes

Ready For A Party!

Ed showed up a couple hours early and he helped me start steaming shrimp for a shrimp cocktail appetizer and we cooked barbecue shrimp and grits for the main course. Matt made it home from work right before sunset and just in time to see the boat all decorated. We promptly handed him a beer and made him open some gifts. Jacob had engraved a chart weight magnifier from Weems and Plath for Matt and Ed brought some Twizzlers to snack on. Two very thoughtful and sweet gifts from great friends.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Presents

Birthday Presents

Hunter and his friend, Cameron, showed up at some point and we all feasted on shrimp cocktail, barbecue shrimp and grits, blacked tuna and cupcakes. A wonderful way to end the night and a fun birthday party with friends.
Ed getting some barbeque shrimp for dinner.

Blowing Out The Candles

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