M.E.’s View Of The Day: Annapolis, MD to Reedville, VA

This morning started off dark, cold and rainy. We left the anchorage around 7:15, made the 7:30 opening of the Spa Creek Bridge and sailed our way out into the Chesapeake. The weather turned around at about noon and we ended up with some sunshine to warm us up.



 Photos from the Chesapeake

I spent most of the morning making a huge pot of chili that we can eat for the next couple of days. It was a miracle that it didn’t fall while we were keeling over. Most sailors advise not to try and cook while underway but I still haven’t learned.

We ended up with a beautiful sunset at the end of the day but unfortunately the evening was not so nice. We had no moonlight so it was pitch black on the water and the wind started to pick up quickly which made it very cold outside. We decided to pull in and anchor in Reedville at around 11 p.m. but it was somewhat tricky since the channels markers weren’t lit and our spotlight wasn’t working. We finally made our way safely to an anchorage just as the wind started gusting to 25 knots. Matt decided to sleep in the cockpit to make sure the anchor didn’t drag and I’m so glad that he did because all through the night the wind whipped through the anchorage. Just another tale of a sailor’s sleepless night at sea (but fortunately for us it was at least in the anchorage).


Sidenote: A few things that we might not have remembered to mention about Annapolis that might be helpful to other cruisers visiting the city and that make Annapolis such a boater friendly place…

  • There is a post office in Eastport that is within walking distance from the Spa Creek Bridge.
  • There is a website called BarsAnnapolis.com that lists all the happy hour deals in town. (We found a 1/2 off burger at Dock Street one night because of this website.) Also, the Moe’s in Annapolis has Moe’s Mondays, where you can get an entire meal (burrito, chips and drink) for $5.99.
  • There is a free electric golf cart (tips appreciated) provided by eCruisers that goes around town. There is also a free trolley that will take you around town.
  • Almost every street that ends on the waterfront has a free dinghy dock. Water taxis are a great option if for some reason you don’t want to use your dinghy.
  • If you’re anchored out and want to take a shower and/or do laundry, you can buy tokens from the Harbormaster office to do so. There is one washer and dryer per bathroom but it’s cheap and the dryer works extremely well.

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