Reedville, VA to Norfolk, VA

We woke up early this morning to get underway. I didn’t sleep all night because I was worried about dragging last night. The wind was insane. I’m talking at one point in the night I checked the windex and it was reading 32 knots. Anyway, we got out of Reedville early this morning to get to Norfolk, where Dolby and Brittany have been waiting for us.

 Fishing Boat Going Out In Reedville

The sun was out but the wind was still blowing. We got our asses handed to us this morning. I’m talking waves over the bow, stuff crashing down below, losing a fender and the top to a diesel jug, etc. Everything calmed down around noon and I was able to sleep for a bit while M.E. manned the wheel. 
We made it to Hampton around 3 or 4 and kept moving along until we made it to Hospital Point in Norfolk. Sure enough, Dolby and Brittany were there to greet us. They dinghied over for some cold brews and apps in the cockpit, then we started up dinner. Yum! Steak, potatoes and salad, my type of meal after pushing it for a couple days. Hoping to sleep in for a while tomorrow and then get some chores done around the boat.
Arriving in Norfolk
Hospital Point

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