Norfolk, VA to Dismal Swamp

Finally got a good night’s sleep and was feeling great this morning. I jumped right onto my chores list for the day upon waking up. I have seriously neglected maintaining lots of different things on the boat in the past month or more. I mean not to the extent that things were breaking or deteriorating, but just preventive maintenance. M.E. and I got the oil changed on the engine, filled the batteries back up, added coolant, cleaned the engine room and then began on the long list of interior things to be done. Around mid- day M.E. and I went into the marina to get a much needed shower and take out a weeks worth of trash.  I’m still trying to calculate when I last took a shower but I would guess a week plus.  It was one of those showers that upon entering you pull up a chair and take a nap for an hour in the steaming hot water.  After wrapping up our duties for the day we got under way and began the trip towards Deep Creek Basin right before the Dismal Swamp.

We were in desperate need of fuel and the only place to stop was Ocean Marine Yacht Center just outside Portsmouth.  I called by VHF, then phone, then some more by VHF, back to the phone before finally getting in touch with someone in the accounting department.  She transferred me to the office where a guy answered. I asked about getting diesel and the approach.  To put it lightly, the “stoner” on the line told me it was a t-head approach out on the river.  Simple side tie to port, right?  I told him I would call on the VHF upon my approach and see where he wanted me to go. Upon arrival, I called multiple times with no answer, back to the phone with no answer, back to the VHF and finally he answers. I’m just guessing but he must have been really busy doing bong hits with his buddies out back.  I ask where the pumps are since I am on the t-head and don’t see any. He responds that they are in the basin.  Now this guy has me lit up pretty good as I wind through mega yachts to get fuel. I ask over VHF if there is room on the fuel dock and he responds “I’m not sure.  You’d have a better idea than me because you can see it when you pull up.”  Did I just freakin’ miss something?! WTF! I thought this was a service stop not a self-serve stop. I then proceed to jump through the VHF and pummel this guy. By this time, I’m really hot.

We arrive, tie up and a few minutes later the jerk comes down the fuel dock. He turns the pump on then leaves again. Customer service at its finest. We fill our diesel tanks, water tanks and rinse the decks off. I cruise up to the office to pay and low and behold they were having a “stoner” convention eating Domino’s pizza. I pay and the “dockhands” ask if I need help getting off the dock. I tell them no since I figure I’d be better off alone then with 3 of them trying to help. Ocean Marine Yacht Center SUCKS and under no circumstances would I ever recommend anyone going there. After having run multiple companies for years I wonder how jerks like this are still in business. This is as hot as I have gotten so far on the entire trip. It was so bad that I almost put the gloves on. 

Now with that behind me, we finally arrived at Deep Creek Basin.  I dropped the hook, cracked open a new beer and laid back in the cockpit. M.E. was down below doing things and definitely steering clear of me at all cost. I began to cool off some now that the day was winding down and I headed over to Dolby and Britt’s boat to have some cold beers for sunset. A 12-pack later and we came up with the great idea to throw Dolby’s outboard on my dinghy and go do some fishing.

 Deep Creek Basin

 Kokoi and Great Mysterious At Anchor

We trolled some white body grubs with pink tails around the basin for a couple hours.  It was great to unwind, have some beers and catch this monster trout. We all had chicken alfredo for dinner back on our boat and I was sleeping by 9 p.m. Getting back in my groove and it feels great to be back on the water and on the move again.

Matt’s Catch Of The Day: Speckled Trout

10 thoughts on “Norfolk, VA to Dismal Swamp

  1. Matt looks great with the jock strap on his head that is what we call Dans light! We have never had any trouble at Ocean Marine we were very surprised to hear that!! They always have been helpful and very good! You must have been there on an off day! Cheri and Dan


  2. I wasn't berating him for being stoned. I was berating him for not being able to do his job properly while being stoned. Funny thing is that out of all the people I have hired over the past 16 years I never drug tested a single person. If you can't perform you lose your job drug related or not.

    As for driving a dinghy around drunk I have yet to meet a single sailor who participates in controlled substances and drives around in their dinghy. I must be hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    “Classy” I mean come on. I am on a French built boat. It comes with the territory.


  3. LOL. You got me literally laughing out loud. Nothin wrong with stoners. Nice trout BTW!! Living the life. I guess you gotta watch what you put on your blog now that you have randoms reading this shit. Swell train coming to east coast with this storm. gonna be a small window so get to the NC coast fast. Looking like Tues-Thurs. PEACE



  4. Wow…just chimed in for first time to say we're heading down your way through the ICW to the Bahamas like you (the noticed the drama in the comments section – LOL)… we probably won't catch up to you, but perhaps we'll run into you out there in the islands! It looks like you two know how to live the good life. Good luck and we'll keep an eye out!


  5. Paul,

    Pushing it South as fast as she will go. Currently in Oriental headed to Beaufort tomm. Hoping to get some surf in over the next few days. I was reading the buoys yesterday and its huge off the NC coast.


  6. Tasha,

    Thanks for the comment. Mr. Anonymous is absolutely hilarious. Where are you currently? We are working our way South then over to the Bahamas by mid November hopefully. Shoot us an email if you find yourself in the same area sometime.



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